Friday, March 20, 2015

Hello soring(Spring)

(The autocorrect on my cellphone is too funny...not)
I welcome you with all of me!

The flat is sold. Just above what we had suggested, which is all kinds of awesome! Flat was put up for sale Monday and we officially accepted an offer on Thursday. We were prepared for a much longer time so I think we're all happily surprised. 

I'm all alone in the  house for the first time in months and I can't adequately express how much I needed this. It's raining and rather miserably cold outside. With a hint of scorched stink in the air, because someone burnt grass yesterday and just up and left before reassuring themselves the fire was spread...a lot. The neighbors and us had to monitor and put it out in places where the wildfire would have caused serious damage. It started raining during the night and it's still drizzling so all is well, but still. Some peeps are nuts!

Anywho ,  it's definitely spring. The early flowers are blooming. Grass has started growing again and even up here on the farm the bleak colorless winter landscape is changing.  

Yesterday I spent time outside in the sun long enough to gain a couple of freckles. Juhuu!

Sendt fra min Samsung-enhet at farm

Friday, February 20, 2015

I should blog, but...

...I've got nothing to say. I'm whelmed. I lost my funny

Friday, January 30, 2015

Alive and kicking

I'm still very much alive, just busy. 

My father has been very ill and they had to drain one lung for fluids. He's getting better, but he's still very ill. 

Physically my mother is doing pretty well. It's her mind that's deteriorating and frighteningly fast. 

Her doctor suddenly decided it was a brilliant idea to triple her dosage of one med she's taking and gave the nurses order to start her on them one evening. Her reaction to them was terrifying. She got violently sick and it lasted for hours. Dad managed to get hold of a nurse to come help and she looked in on them throughout the night. Dad didn't sleep at all. Next morning when I got there, he was grey faced and hadn't fully dressed yet. Mom was okay and didn't really remember the night. Then reaction to the morning dosage set in and chaos And sick happened all over again, just this time mom was already dehydrated and it was serious. 

Ambulance and hospital happened. I was so angry at the doctors. They should have hospitalized and monitored closely, if changing meds/dosages. 

My oldest sister and I was with mom. My next oldest sister was with dad. We all agreed that mom couldn't be sent home. Neither of them were able to care for themselves nor each other. 

For now mom is temporarily living one floor down. With other dementia patients getting the care she needs. Two ladies she knew as young are there and she's happy. My dad lives alone in their flat, but nurses drop by daily to check on him. 

There has been meetings, phone calls, mails and tons of worry and planning and more worries.  We hope mom gets a permanent place where she's at now. We go visit daily and bring mom up to visit dad. She sits down next to him and lets him pull her close under his arm and they hug and smile and tell each other how they are doing and how good it is to see the other. They look awfully sweet and loving. I can only hope to share the same with runar at their age. 

Tomorrow my sisters and I are doing more work at clearing out and dividing stuff at their old flat. We hope to get it put up for sale as soon as possible. It gets postponed time and again because of all the stuff happening.

Otherwise the kids are good. The rest is the same and too depressing to mention.

Take care y'all.

Sendt fra en Samsung Mobil.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Storm season

Storm's name is "Nina"

The authorities have issued storm warnings in my region among others. Not sure if it has a name, yet. You know, I think that's something we got from you Americans; the naming of storms. It's silly, like a storm with a cute name is going to wreak less havoc than an unnamed one?!? Late last night when I was outside with Marianne, I could hear the storm out on the sea.

There is something magical in hearing the sea roaring and the thunder of breaking waves. In my back yard it was eerily silence, no wind, no rain. Still, it was the kind of silence before the storm kind of silence.

 It's reached the shore and the wind gusts are threatening to tear down the windbreakers in the back yard. They're bolted down to the patio, but they are thin and not too solid. Crossing fingers they'll hold.

We're heading up to the farm. The storm is supposed to be much worse up there. We need to check on things up there and we need to get the water out of the basement. We've had issues with water in the basement for a few years now, but since measures to fix it involves a lot of hard manual work, it never gets done. I suspect it's because Runar has ignored my plee to fix all the ditches up there.

If  ditches aren't fit to carry off water, then water will find new ways to run. (old indian Eli-proverb)


Yesterday I took my mom to see the neurologist specialist. He was pleased and desided she won't have to increase her med dosages, which pleased us a lot. Parkinson meds have nasty side-effects and the less she has to take, the better off we all are.

While we were off to hospital, Runar stayed with my dad and made Venison roast. The first taste of Vintland's Big Norwegian Red Deer venison. Everyone loved it, except from Runar, who thought the meat was too tough and stringy. It wasn't, seriously, but there were parts that  had some tendons, or something and those parts were chewy, but duh...

When Runar cooks, it means, he'll do the roast, I'll do the rest, which meant he and my dad had a lot of time to sit and chat and drink beer. And nap. When Simen got there, they were both happily snoring. Dad then confided in them, proudly, that he was still in the "MAN-club" because he fooled us(meaning wife, daughters, doctors) by halfing his cortisone pills without telling. Not quite sure what I should do about this, but for now, I'm going to pretend I don't know about it...

The MAN-club is somthing the trio created back in the days when Simen was old enough to help them cut trees for firewood up at the farm. They'd go up for the weekend, work and have a good time without any womenfolk and usually the neighbour farmer would come up in the evening, they'd have a drink, tell wild stories and be generally obnoxious. They'd all come home happy.

Dad misses these trips and he is unable to make them anymore. Yesterday was a way to try re-create that and by the looks of it, it worked. While we were sitting down eating, even mom joined in telling wild stories from dad's youth while giggling and laughing.


Runar and Simen are finally getting over their head colds. I have managed to avoid getting it, so far, I think. I've used my cortisone asthma inhalator whenever I have felt the itch in the back of my throat. I have had a partially stuffed nose and fever has come and gone and come, my body aches like hell, but I'm not sure if it's just the arthritis or if I actually have had the dreaded cold, just not realized it. Because, head colds. Fuck! I decided I didn't have time to get sick when my dad got hospitalized during the holidays and so I haven't. Mind over matter and all that jazz.


I'm playing with the idea of writing a story. I might be posting a short story or two.


I keep wishing for a laundry fairy, so bad. I'm half way done with my mountain of dirty laundry, but more dirty laundry keeps on coming... I'm actually contemplating going to the cleaners with the whole lot, just to be able to see an empty laundry room. Just once.

Marianne wishes everyone a lazy weekend.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Welcome Year 2015



I at least hope you are better than the previous, which  sucked balls and toefarts

I'm not doing the new year meme this year, as I hardly have any online time anymore and by the time I get less busy, it'll be too late for that

Things have been busy for a long time. I thought that when Christmas came around, things would calm down. Hunting season would be over and I would be able to get on top laundry, etc instead of living in bags moving back and forth from the farm.
Christmas was spent at my oldest sister's house Their youngest son with family were there and my parents. We had a wonderful time. Little Sigrid got scared when Santa came stomping up from the cellar and had to sit in Runar's lap, while her older brother; Magnus was not scared at all and even gave Santa a hug.

It was snowy and icy Christmas Eve and my father had a little mishap and fell while going down the steps to the car. He is on blood thinners and the cortisone makes his skin thin as well. Most of the skin on the back of his hand just fell off and he bled like a pig, of course. We got him bandaged and thought things were okay.

Turned out things were not so okay after all. Next morning we had to rush him off to hospital and he stayed there until New Years Eve. They drained 1.5 liters from his lungs. His heart isn't strong enough to rid him of excess liquid. He has yet more meds to take and hopefully he'll be around for a little while longer.

While he was in hospital, my youngest sister stayed with my mother. I stayed one night and day as well, but mostly Hildegunn was there. Bless her heart. She's a real trooper! Runar and my oldest sister had both gotten a bad cold from the kids. My brother in law and I visited my dad at the hospital every other day or so.

We need to get the old timers more help. My mother is incapable of caring for herself. She has no clue as to what day it is, what time of the day it is, nor when to eat, take meds, etc. She dresses and undresses 6-7 times a day - for no apparent reason, she has just always been into fashion and seem to think it's okay to change clothes all day. I took her with me when I was shopping groceries for her, all she nagged about the entire time, was to get her new stockings, which I did, because I didn't notice the ridiculously huge pile of boxes with stockings in her drawer until we got back - there  are stockings for a couple of decades...

My father is way too sick to care for anyone other than himself. They are both stubborn enough to not want any more times

The 30th we drove to Stavanger and helped Helene and her Runar move into their new bought flat. It was only a couple of streets away from where they rented, but it is a much bigger flat and to Helene's delight it has a dishwasher. Wheee! It was wonderful seeing her again, they both looked happy and healthy, which makes the 2 old parents happy pandas. DoubleWhee!

We aren't broke anymore, since Runar now receives unemployment pay, but we're still poor as heck and we can't afford to smoke anymore. This is a good thing, I know it is, even if I can't seem to see any good in this, yet. When I'm over the worst of the withdrawals I'm sure I will be able to see the good in this as well...

I hope my own health will improve a bit in 2015. I'll have to get an appointment to see my doctor (I almost get an allergic reaction just thinking about it, my doctor-angst is getting ridiculously bad) I have to ask her for some stronger anti inflammatory meds and hope my stomach can handle it long enough to get rid of my inflamation in  my right elbow. It's been there since summer and that is way too long. I want to be able to knit again. Hells, I want to be able to use my arms again without ending up a wreck.

I gave myself a newYear's gift this morning. I had forgotten to deactivate my alarm and when I rolled out of bed to turn it off, I headbutted one of the big old trunks(the type of traveling suitcases of olden days) They currently litter our bedroom up at the farm, because I was supposed to paint the upstairs hallway this fall. Due to my inflammation, that didn't happen, but all the shite is still stacked in the bedrooms...
I meet the new year with a black and blue cheek. Yowsa!


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Busy bee is cold...

...and slightly(!) stressed out. Still broke as heck. I've sort of cancelled Christmas. I haven't forgotten you and I miss you guys. By the looks of it, you're as busy as I am, because none of you have blogged either. 

When things settle down a bit, I'll do a proper blog post, promise! 

Take care you guys *huggles*

Friday, November 14, 2014

Karma good or bad?

I've sort of lost my happy for the time being. Sorry. I see myself as unfit for online socializing, or any kind of socializing, really. It will pass and things will work out, I know. It just doesn't help much, right now...

I've gotten hooked on Person of Interest. That John dude mm-mm-mm And he's actually old enough for me. It is a type of series that gets me a bit paranoid, though. I now have a sticker across my webcam...

I'm watching it online, because it doesn't show on any of our channels. I feel dirty for doing it, but not enough to stop.

I have gotten some sort of shite on my computer and I have pages popping up and all that fun. I need to clean it, but it still takes all of me to get around to do it. One of these days...

Bad karma?

I've been down with a stomach flu of some kind since Sunday. I'm keeping down foodstuffs now, but I have a splitting headache and whenever I try to do chores, I start shaking, so, I'm not quite well yet.

My mother's Parkinson is getting worse. It hurts to see her lose her mind. I was actually shocked to discover how much of her brain has died when she was tested last week. She has absolutely no knowledge about what season we're in, what date, day, week. She can no longer remember the names of her grandchildren/great grandchildren unless helped. She can no longer remember the date of her children's birth. she can't remember her own address, or phone.

She'll do math equations, etc with brilliance, but parts of her brain simply doesn't work anymore. The only thing they can do to slow down the progress, is using pads. It doesn't really help as in make things better, but they make her calmer - less prone to tantrum fits and angst, which is good.

They'll scan her brain next week to monitor what they call "The calcification of her brain" They still don't know what causes Parkinson, or what it is exactly, but they think it has to do with lack of blood in the brain resulting in brain cells dying.  Or that is what I've understood from what her doctor has told me

The doctor told us that she agrees in making the move to a new flat in the nursery home now is a wise thing. She said she was confident mom would handle it and that if we waited for much longer, it would be too late and mom would never learn to recognize the new place.

The big move is happening next weekend. We're all helping. Cross fingers things go well

I can't afford Christmas this year. Can we just skip it?

At least we'll be eating well. Runar got two deer a few weekends ago. According to him self he shot one and the other one just stood there, so he shot that one too. It was a sunday evening almost dark. He forgot to think about the deer needing to be slaughtered and prepared, etc. He also forgot that we can't eat that much venison alone. He had to go offer the neigbhour farmer half a deer if he helped skin and slaughter them. We'll be having a whole-grilled deer this summer up at the farm. Should be fun

The moose team have gotten one big stag deer and one little mooseling - I know that is not a word, but it should be, as it is a perfect name for a moose who isn't exactly a calf anymore, but still not an adult either.

Lots of venison and yummy dinner dishes in the future.

It's funny how those things work - bad luck moneywise - good luck huntingwise. When we're really broke, that's when we eat like royalty...Good karma?