Monday, July 21, 2014

New crochet project

I've started crocheting this wonderfully soft alpaca silk woolen jacket. Just that I'm going to try figure out a way to make it waist long, instead of a bolero short one.

I've started with the lower back part. I think I can just repeat the square pattern bit I've gotten half done with, without increasing and then do the proper increase for shoulder/arms when it's long enough.

I have no idea how to do the two front parts longer, but I'll figure that out when time comes...or, so I hope.

As you can see, I've chosen off white, instead of "wedding" white.

Wish me luck ;-)


In other news:

Summer here is hot and busy.

The Vet gave Marianne thumbs up, all over. *beams*

I made my first successful cheese cake with jell-o top. Yum!

The car's electronic system has heat fatigue. *grumbles* The 4wheel drive got broke earlier this winter. I think this car enters 1st place in dumb car-buys >.<

I got some extra money, unexpectedly, and bought one of these sets for the patio. Runar and Runar(Helene's bf) spent hours putting it all together. Loffs them we does!

Hope you guys are enjoying summer as well!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

What my brain spewed out...

...when I realized how long it had been since I last blogged and knew I only had tonight to do it. 

First, Marianne is back to her good, old self. The swelling went away the fourth day. She had her last pills today, thankfully. Dogs get as low-energy as humans when on antibiotics. Poor baby. She hasn't wanted to go near that field where she got bit, afterwards. Lets all cross fingers she's learnt.

This is when we got back from the vet and the morphine kicked in. She was afraid to lay down, since the mouth hurt so bad. I had to help her, in the end. She was out for several hours and when she woke, she felt a lot better and her appetite was back....or perhaps it was the drug-munchies?

We missed Simen

Tuesday we're off to her 1 year old check up at the vet. Should be fun. She really impressed me at the emergency Vet. She hadn't been to a vet before, but took to all the instruments, benches, noisy machines and other sick animals, like a pro. The Vet could do whatever she wanted to, but when she touched the lips(?) she cried out miserably.

The shark slippers are finished.

I had to turn down a visit from a friend. That really and truly sucked. With Runar having so much to do with his new business and his stress level being as it is, I just couldn't make it happen in a way that would be an enjoyable experience. He is a gracious and understanding friend, which makes it doubly bad. But, I have promised myself to get better at saying no, rather than forcing myself to manage more than I can handle. The visit will happen and when it does, I'll likely be happy it got postponed. I hope. Part of me fears there is a train that has left and will never return. I hate that little miserable voice in the back of my mind. Someone ought to find a way to permanently stomp that dude and tell the rest of us.

I got tax refund. I didn't think I would. Very pleasant surprise, that.

 Drought has stolen all the colours. This little fellow is usually pinkish purple

Tuesday we took the boat out and ate supper sammies on an island. The drought is making everything look rather sad, to be honest. It's crazy dry. My lawn is a yellowish-brown dried out joke. Simen, bless his soul, managed to keep my flowers alive. Mostly. I love that boy.

Tuesday night, I wanted to strangle him slowly to death a time, or ten.

He had forgotten a fish in a plastic bag on the floor inside the boat. You cannot imagine the stink. I had to remove the rotten mesh and dry it up. G.R.O.S.S. We had to leave the hatch open the entire trip and we left the boat open, making Simen go down to close up late at night before going to bed. He had to clean the boat a later day. Grrrowl!

This one hasn't sprung out and doesn't know about the colours having been stolen, yet. Crude awakenings to come. Å, Jah!

 Next week, Helene and her Runar is coming home. Juhuu!

I'm crocheting a new summer hat for myself. Like this, but white.

The big cousin get-together up at the farm, is happening August 1st. None of us sisters has had the guts to start any serious planning. Runar has already started dying. It can't be helped, he'll just have to die gracefully around me, or suffer the consequences. I'm working on my mean streak this summer.

I got my hair fixed, yesterday. And my brows. I thought they got too dark and tried scrubbing the colour off with eye makeup remover.

I now have very sore and very red eyebrows. They're still just as too dark. Nobody can see that they're coloured and that I regretted it, tried to fix it and failed. Miserably. Nobody.    

My attempt at a selfie, showing off my new caps. My photographic skillz still suck balls.  

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Report from Vintland

Sendt fra min HTC
Things have been busy as usual, with family, doctor's app with my mother, etc. Today was supposed to be a relaxing day around the farm. Fate decided differently. Marianne bit down on a venomous snake and it bit back...
Extra exciting when you're stuck without a car and all neighbours are away.

It got hairy for a while, as we waited for simen to come from mandal and Marianne was getting allergic shock, having difficulties breathing.
But it worked out ok in the end. She got cortisone intravenously together with fluids, then a shot of metadone(strong relaxing pain reliever) before we headed home. Antibiotics for a good week and taking it easy is the treatment. Cross fingers there won't be further complications!
I håve photos of the patience, but couldn't manage to upload them from phone with the lousy connection up here. Only managed to upload one to facebook. Sry. Will post some laterz

Over and out

Friday, June 13, 2014

Weekend at home

 Yesterday the boys put out the boat. Yay. Then the car broke down while hubby was on his way to work. Not so yay. A couple of hours after the car broke down, Helene contacted me on facebook telling me her phone had been stolen. WTF! Thurstay the 12th is my today. So go suck on it, Friday the 13th!

Have a fantabulous weekend, folks!

PS! I'm done with the dress for Frida.

As you can see it has a rather unique pattern. That is because I had no idea what-so-ever what I was doing and just made things up as I went along.

I did the white blonds correctly, though. Even Ellen was impressed. I can has kudos for that?

I'm not the very good at ironing and I have a new lousy iron, because Simen's ex kept mine, or Simen is too afraid to ask for it back, I don't know. Grr.

Because I am a masochist, I've started on the bonnet. A voice is ringing in my head while I'm knitting. "Forgive her, for she knows not what she is doing. She's just plain dumb." 

PPS! There should be a law against flying critters coming into houses. Especially those with a stinger, or a sucking mouth(mouthpiece? sucker? snable?)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer colds...

I godz idt.

Monday, May 26, 2014


Sudden, unexpected change of plans for the week

Runar has seminar this week and it's a shorter drive from Vintland, so we're heading up there for the rest of the week and I have about an hour to finish chores for the week, laundry and packing

I'm outta here

Friday, May 23, 2014

Bling-bling and other unimportant stuff

I haven't really done anything important, or particularly interesting while I've been offline, except from buying Marianne some bling-bling.

Part of my offline period hasn't been because I've been without a net. More a case of malaware that messed up my computer. I don't deal with these things very well, I'm afraid. I go totally diva and looses my will to live. Then I turn to threatening the computer with the city dumbster, going on to planning on going off the grid and ending in throwing arms in the air, argghh-ing a lot and swearing NEVER USE A DAMN COMPUTER EVER AGAIN. I need at least a day, or many to muster up the guts to start figuring out how to fix it. */Spoiler*

Runar nearly had a heart attack when I put it on her. He is convinced she's as embarrassed as he is. "Au contraire", I say, because I think she løøøves it!

                        Loook! I haz blings!

Runar doesn't understand that kind of humour, maybe. Marianne is so little lady-like in her behaviour, it is hilarious. She is her whimsical, happy self dirty as sin, or clean as a whistle. This thing screams MARIANNE! to me. The kids share my sense of humour and dig it.

I iz sad panda

          ! Can't. talk. about. it

Daddy doesn't think I'm pretty.

Poor, little Marianne feels unloved, I'm sure.

In other news
Runar is helping a friend cutting down some pine trees getting too big, messing up their garden/house. 

Saturday we're going to Frida' and her mother's birthday party.

This means we'll be spending a weekend at home, for a change.

Runar plans on going up to Vintland on Saturday evening, but I have a hunch the tree-cutting project isn't done so quickly as he expects.Time vill shåvv! (Ominous music) - We've been watching Colombo on netflix with English subtitles on. I love the explanatory text parenthesis.