Thursday, December 11, 2014

Busy bee is cold...

...and slightly(!) stressed out. Still broke as heck. I've sort of cancelled Christmas. I haven't forgotten you and I miss you guys. By the looks of it, you're as busy as I am, because none of you have blogged either. 

When things settle down a bit, I'll do a proper blog post, promise! 

Take care you guys *huggles*

Friday, November 14, 2014

Karma good or bad?

I've sort of lost my happy for the time being. Sorry. I see myself as unfit for online socializing, or any kind of socializing, really. It will pass and things will work out, I know. It just doesn't help much, right now...

I've gotten hooked on Person of Interest. That John dude mm-mm-mm And he's actually old enough for me. It is a type of series that gets me a bit paranoid, though. I now have a sticker across my webcam...

I'm watching it online, because it doesn't show on any of our channels. I feel dirty for doing it, but not enough to stop.

I have gotten some sort of shite on my computer and I have pages popping up and all that fun. I need to clean it, but it still takes all of me to get around to do it. One of these days...

Bad karma?

I've been down with a stomach flu of some kind since Sunday. I'm keeping down foodstuffs now, but I have a splitting headache and whenever I try to do chores, I start shaking, so, I'm not quite well yet.

My mother's Parkinson is getting worse. It hurts to see her lose her mind. I was actually shocked to discover how much of her brain has died when she was tested last week. She has absolutely no knowledge about what season we're in, what date, day, week. She can no longer remember the names of her grandchildren/great grandchildren unless helped. She can no longer remember the date of her children's birth. she can't remember her own address, or phone.

She'll do math equations, etc with brilliance, but parts of her brain simply doesn't work anymore. The only thing they can do to slow down the progress, is using pads. It doesn't really help as in make things better, but they make her calmer - less prone to tantrum fits and angst, which is good.

They'll scan her brain next week to monitor what they call "The calcification of her brain" They still don't know what causes Parkinson, or what it is exactly, but they think it has to do with lack of blood in the brain resulting in brain cells dying.  Or that is what I've understood from what her doctor has told me

The doctor told us that she agrees in making the move to a new flat in the nursery home now is a wise thing. She said she was confident mom would handle it and that if we waited for much longer, it would be too late and mom would never learn to recognize the new place.

The big move is happening next weekend. We're all helping. Cross fingers things go well

I can't afford Christmas this year. Can we just skip it?

At least we'll be eating well. Runar got two deer a few weekends ago. According to him self he shot one and the other one just stood there, so he shot that one too. It was a sunday evening almost dark. He forgot to think about the deer needing to be slaughtered and prepared, etc. He also forgot that we can't eat that much venison alone. He had to go offer the neigbhour farmer half a deer if he helped skin and slaughter them. We'll be having a whole-grilled deer this summer up at the farm. Should be fun

The moose team have gotten one big stag deer and one little mooseling - I know that is not a word, but it should be, as it is a perfect name for a moose who isn't exactly a calf anymore, but still not an adult either.

Lots of venison and yummy dinner dishes in the future.

It's funny how those things work - bad luck moneywise - good luck huntingwise. When we're really broke, that's when we eat like royalty...Good karma?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Proper coffee and soft toilet paper. Is that too much to ask for?!?

So...a lot has been happening and I'm still a bit numb and don't seem to find the words, nor energy to post much.

Hubby went to bankruptcy court last week. His firm is no longer. He hasn't gotten a paycheck the last two months. He won't be eligible for unemployment pay until December.  The young partner put in his resignation notice last month, when it dawned on him that he wasn't doing his job and apparently couldn't do it, either. I have no idea what he thought to achieve, but he has so much stuff going on privately, that I think he just had a severe breakdown and freaked. Regardless, the result is what it is.

Hubby. Needs. To. Get. A. Job.

New government, new rules. I'll be losing some of my disablement pay. I haven't had the guts to check just how much I'll be losing. The new government wants to encourage the disabled to miraculously get healed and get jobs by making it nigh impossible to live off disablement pay. Compared to the old rules, where you risked losing all your disablement "privileges" if you worked on the side (You were allowed to work, but could only earn a set amount per year) you are now allowed() to work as much as you like and not lose your disablement status. They will take your money, though...

I'm getting to the point where I can't even.  The most trivial of stuff kills me, these days. Monday morning, when we got home from the farm and discovered there were no toiletpaper in the house and I was stuck on the loo, hubby immediately, with the whole hero-saves-the-day-drumroll, rushed to the store to get some (because he couldn't just go look in the cupboard above the stove for paper tissue, as I asked him to, because he's a MAN - male logic...) he came back with the cheap kind of grayish semi-soft stuff that won't flush no matter what. I just wanted to die. And I couldn't get snappy, because for the first time in HISTORY, the man chose to be mindful of the price of what he bought at the grocery store and was beaming with pride. That wasn't the only way he'd saved the day, he told me, grinning like a madman.

The other thing he had decided to be price-conscious about was coffee. Cheap coffee. It's like you get punished twice. It looks like coffee. It smells like coffee. It tastes like piss. I'd much rather do without dinner, hells, I'll skip a couple of meals, gladly, as long as I have soft toilet paper and proper coffee. I'm either old, or a luxury whore...maybe both
I really can't handle having hubby at home all day. His laptop and papers covers all of the kitchen table. The content of his pocketS is covering all of the coffee table in the living room. TV is showing Discovery Channel man-shows all day And night. Volume way high. It makes me batshit crazy.

So I went on audible and bought kitchen porn on sale. J. R. Ward's fallen angels series  It is pretty awful. I made hubby listen to it too.

Hubby: I'm bankrupt, we're broke and you bought kitchen porn?!?
Me: uhum it was on sale
Hubby: You'd buy hell if only it was on sale!
Me: Maybe, or maybe it was a case of bad coffee poisoning
The narrator's sexy voice is describing a scene in the shower where a male character is masturbating in front of female character
Hubby: WTF?!
Me: Wait until I make you do shit like that
Hubby: You'll get proper coffee. I promise!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

autumn storms

Staying at the farm this week. Proper autumn storms are making it an adventure. Loving it. Mice are too, but not in a fun way...

Still no Internet at our farm, but there are spots along the road where I have connection when out walking with Marianne
Happy week, folks!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Another week gone by

We've had a week of beautiful sunny fall weather. I love it. Doors and windows are open all day and night and no wasps *does happy dance*

Marianne is more or less over the heath-period and is finally allowed up in the sofa again.

I'm not sure which of these two missed their cuddlesleep more, dog or man

Took my dad to the ophthalmologist last week and he is now up for surgery to get a new cornea. He is so happy, it's like talking to the dadman of old. He opted for surgery in a different county to avoid the long waiting list in our county, meaning he'll have his sight back before Christmas. Juhuu! Reading was really the only joy he had left, and with his poor eyesight he more or less had to give it up, which made him quite depressed. Now that he knows he'll be able to read his Lee Child and old western books again, he says it no longer matters where he is put to live, he'll be a happy man.

Mom's parkinson has gotten worse since summer. She is pretty far out, now. We're - 3 of us sisters - my parents and a nurse are meeting up tomorrow to discuss the path forward. The hope is to get them into a nursing home, where mom can take part in social activities, etc and dad can work out without having to fear he'll fall down and not be able to get up again unaided. The way this is going, she'll likely need 24 hours daycare with nurses before long. If they get a flat at the nursing home, that means that mom will just be moved down a floor when the need for 24 hours care comes.

I'm heading up to the farm today. My sister has errands in town and will pick up Marianne and I afterwards. I'm going for hikes and sleep this weekend. I've not been sleeping well and for some weird reason I keep waking up with my arms above my head. That is not good, as it renders them useless for half the day. The inflammation in the shoulders have spread to my elbows. I guess I'm letting the stress of hubby's job get to me...

Have a fantabulous weekend, guys

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fridges hate me

I need an exorcist. Or a magic wand. Or some kind of woodo to rid me of my curse. Fridges and or freezers hate my guts. AAARRRGGGHHH!

 Back in May I struggled to de-ice my freezer. I wrote about it in This blog. From then, our Fridge-freezer hasn't worked.

The fridge isn't that old. It wasn't the most expensive, but neither was it among the cheapest. It is supposed to be an automatic anti ice thingie. The salesperson bragged about this fridge, how effective, quiet, maintenance-free, etc it was. Hah! Liar!

 There is no way of turning off the freezer part. There is no defrost button/option. I checked. I plowed through the manual with magnifying glass. I searched the net. No help.

As often is the case with brilliant theories, reality is different. The freezer was so full of ice, there was hardly room for anything else. According to the manual, icing would and could not happen. That was all that was mentioned regarding this.

Since it is impossible to turn off the freezer, only, and because I needed the fridge part of the damned thing, I had to leave the freezer-door open and use bowls of boiling hot water to melt the ice. I mean, I had to do something. The ice was threatening to take over the entire thing. To the point where I worried I couldn't close the door. It took two days to melt the ice, but it got done and I was so happy and proud. Until the next day, when the alarm went off.

I did not use any knives. Let's get that straight. No. Knives. Yes, I do admit that I did do that to ONE of our previous Fridge/freezer and yes, it killed it. I did it only once. I learned my lesson. I swear.   Does hubby believe me? No. He is convinced it's my fault and that I used a knife. He can't hear the incessant beeping of the alarm and doesn't really care.

Obviously the god of fridges has neither forgiven, nor forgotten, because the freezer part refuses to go lower/colder than minus 10 C and the freezer alarm goes off at minus 11C.

Since May I have had to go hit off the alarm at all hours of day and night. I have to keep the magic "frost-matic" (I kid you not, there is such a button) active too. It gets the temps down to minus 13C for about 5 minutes, then suddenly rises to minus 10 or minus 9  and *BEEEEEEEP*
It. Drives. Me. Nuts.

We can't afford a new fridge right now. I do have a huge old fashion freezer in Simen's bedroom, so fortunately no food got ruined. It's taking so much space, that he is pleading with me to get rid of it. I can't do that until I can afford a new fridge/freezer.

Our car will be fixed next Thursday. We'll have to wait and see what the cost will be. If we're lucky, we'll afford a new fridge/freezer too.

I'm still not recovered from the inflammation. Marianne is still in heat. Runar is overworked and we haven't had a proper weekend since...I can't remember.

Right now I just suck at everything.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Recycling of old undies, or poor Marianne...


"Å du e sånn ei fin jenta" is dialect for Å du er sånn ei fin jente = Oh, you're such a fine girl

"Kan du sidda fint" is dialect for "kan du sitte fint = Can you sit (properly). 

As you probably realize, this is why I can't do voice-to-text stuff on my phone, unless I speak English...

I'm not too happy with these pairs of old Runar-undies and neither is Marianne, but I can't just take one at random, without having talked to Runar first.  (There aren't any doggie-pants thingies in Marianne's size anywhere close to my neck of the woods, so old undies it is 

PS! Libresse wings, in case you wondered...