Wednesday, October 8, 2014

autumn storms

Staying at the farm this week. Proper autumn storms are making it an adventure. Loving it. Mice are too, but not in a fun way...

Still no Internet at our farm, but there are spots along the road where I have connection when out walking with Marianne
Happy week, folks!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Another week gone by

We've had a week of beautiful sunny fall weather. I love it. Doors and windows are open all day and night and no wasps *does happy dance*

Marianne is more or less over the heath-period and is finally allowed up in the sofa again.

I'm not sure which of these two missed their cuddlesleep more, dog or man

Took my dad to the ophthalmologist last week and he is now up for surgery to get a new cornea. He is so happy, it's like talking to the dadman of old. He opted for surgery in a different county to avoid the long waiting list in our county, meaning he'll have his sight back before Christmas. Juhuu! Reading was really the only joy he had left, and with his poor eyesight he more or less had to give it up, which made him quite depressed. Now that he knows he'll be able to read his Lee Child and old western books again, he says it no longer matters where he is put to live, he'll be a happy man.

Mom's parkinson has gotten worse since summer. She is pretty far out, now. We're - 3 of us sisters - my parents and a nurse are meeting up tomorrow to discuss the path forward. The hope is to get them into a nursing home, where mom can take part in social activities, etc and dad can work out without having to fear he'll fall down and not be able to get up again unaided. The way this is going, she'll likely need 24 hours daycare with nurses before long. If they get a flat at the nursing home, that means that mom will just be moved down a floor when the need for 24 hours care comes.

I'm heading up to the farm today. My sister has errands in town and will pick up Marianne and I afterwards. I'm going for hikes and sleep this weekend. I've not been sleeping well and for some weird reason I keep waking up with my arms above my head. That is not good, as it renders them useless for half the day. The inflammation in the shoulders have spread to my elbows. I guess I'm letting the stress of hubby's job get to me...

Have a fantabulous weekend, guys

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fridges hate me

I need an exorcist. Or a magic wand. Or some kind of woodo to rid me of my curse. Fridges and or freezers hate my guts. AAARRRGGGHHH!

 Back in May I struggled to de-ice my freezer. I wrote about it in This blog. From then, our Fridge-freezer hasn't worked.

The fridge isn't that old. It wasn't the most expensive, but neither was it among the cheapest. It is supposed to be an automatic anti ice thingie. The salesperson bragged about this fridge, how effective, quiet, maintenance-free, etc it was. Hah! Liar!

 There is no way of turning off the freezer part. There is no defrost button/option. I checked. I plowed through the manual with magnifying glass. I searched the net. No help.

As often is the case with brilliant theories, reality is different. The freezer was so full of ice, there was hardly room for anything else. According to the manual, icing would and could not happen. That was all that was mentioned regarding this.

Since it is impossible to turn off the freezer, only, and because I needed the fridge part of the damned thing, I had to leave the freezer-door open and use bowls of boiling hot water to melt the ice. I mean, I had to do something. The ice was threatening to take over the entire thing. To the point where I worried I couldn't close the door. It took two days to melt the ice, but it got done and I was so happy and proud. Until the next day, when the alarm went off.

I did not use any knives. Let's get that straight. No. Knives. Yes, I do admit that I did do that to ONE of our previous Fridge/freezer and yes, it killed it. I did it only once. I learned my lesson. I swear.   Does hubby believe me? No. He is convinced it's my fault and that I used a knife. He can't hear the incessant beeping of the alarm and doesn't really care.

Obviously the god of fridges has neither forgiven, nor forgotten, because the freezer part refuses to go lower/colder than minus 10 C and the freezer alarm goes off at minus 11C.

Since May I have had to go hit off the alarm at all hours of day and night. I have to keep the magic "frost-matic" (I kid you not, there is such a button) active too. It gets the temps down to minus 13C for about 5 minutes, then suddenly rises to minus 10 or minus 9  and *BEEEEEEEP*
It. Drives. Me. Nuts.

We can't afford a new fridge right now. I do have a huge old fashion freezer in Simen's bedroom, so fortunately no food got ruined. It's taking so much space, that he is pleading with me to get rid of it. I can't do that until I can afford a new fridge/freezer.

Our car will be fixed next Thursday. We'll have to wait and see what the cost will be. If we're lucky, we'll afford a new fridge/freezer too.

I'm still not recovered from the inflammation. Marianne is still in heat. Runar is overworked and we haven't had a proper weekend since...I can't remember.

Right now I just suck at everything.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Recycling of old undies, or poor Marianne...


"Å du e sånn ei fin jenta" is dialect for Å du er sånn ei fin jente = Oh, you're such a fine girl

"Kan du sidda fint" is dialect for "kan du sitte fint = Can you sit (properly). 

As you probably realize, this is why I can't do voice-to-text stuff on my phone, unless I speak English...

I'm not too happy with these pairs of old Runar-undies and neither is Marianne, but I can't just take one at random, without having talked to Runar first.  (There aren't any doggie-pants thingies in Marianne's size anywhere close to my neck of the woods, so old undies it is 

PS! Libresse wings, in case you wondered...

Aw Lawdy, I crashed. Books and other sillies

I've been down with a freak bout of inflammations for more than a week. It's my own fault, which made it suck all that more. That exercise class was too much and when I, in one of those I-will-get-this-place-in-order-even-if-it-kills-me type of mood, mowed the lawn, yeah... I crashed. My arms felt as if they'd been through a thresher.[ramble] I had to put away my crochet work, which is a bummer as I only have the sleeves left to do on my jacket project.  After I'm done with this one, I am either going to knit or crochet another one - with thicker yarn - a cardigan type, me thinks[/ramble] Marianne, the physical therapist - texted me today telling me I was welcome to try out another easier class. I'm going to try that - hopefully next week.

I'm better now. Not great, I'm still stiff and achy as hell, but no fever anymore. Huzzah! The last three days I've been able to do some knitting, so I started the jacket to go with the dress I knitted for Frida pre-summer. It's going to be a Christmas present.

Runar's work has been down in a dump for a few weeks, with several loose strands that he hasn't quite been able to tie together. Until this week. He's in Denmark today. He'll probably leave again on Sunday for another project. Things are picking up. Thankfully, as I have a mountain of bills to pay.

Oh, you know the car trouble that didn't got fixed, due to the Volvo shop wanting us to pay our souls for something they couldn't guarantee helped? Runar found a shop that could do the job for less than half the price. They knew exactly what Runar was talking about when the called them and had no problems guaranteeing they'd get it fixed. Hah! Take that Volvo! It does mean that he'll have to drive 4 hours to get there, but they'll provide him with a car while the job is getting done. It is SO worth the drive!

Marianne is officially a young adult. She is in heath and Mother Night, she is one very confused dog. Plus she wants some. Real bad. I swear. She's a friggin' nympho whore. Walks with her is now out of the picture for me alone. Walks without a leash is out of the picture for the boys. It's mindblowing. Another thing that is mindblowing is how much her vagina swells up. I don't know how much you guys know about dogs in heath, but their genitalia swell up a bit. Marianne's swells up A LOT! I swear, she is a vagina with a little face at the other end. Terrifying!



I've plowed through a few books this summer. Here are some I'd like to point out:

Red Rising  by Pierce Brown, a supreme sci fi space opera kind of read. L.O.V.E.D. it!

Theft of swords by Michael J. Sullivan. 1st book in the Riyria Revelations trilogy. It's a classical adventure type of Fantasy read. I totally and completely fell in love with the main characters, but I have to admit that the fact that I bought the audio books, part of why I loved it so much, might be due to the awesome narrator. I am such a sucker for a sexy voice...
PS! There are some free audiobook shortstories on Amazon. The Jester is one.

Skin Game by Jim Butcher, the latest of his Dresden Files series about Harry Dresden, the licensed Gandalf-on-crack wizard of Chicago, Il. . Seriously, if you haven't read any of the Dresden Files, you are missing out on greatness. The audiobook narrator is soooo sexy [Mm Mm Mmm]. My sister, who had previously read about 10 pages of this series and had decided that she definitely did not like this cocky asshat wizard wonder, changed her mind completely this summer after she borrowed one of the books(I have some actual books in addition to the audiobooks, because signed stuff is so fun), to read on the 6 hours' bus ride home.  She is now a Dresden Files Fangirl [evil grin]

 I've also been through some anthologies Dangerous Women and Unfettered, which had some entertaining stories in them.

I'm now listening to The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks. It's boy-coming-to-age type of Fantasy with some interesting twists. I have an ambivalent relationship with this series. I hated the main character so much in book 1, that I could hardly manage to read() on, but even though I still disliked him in book 2, there were some interesting aspects regarding Brent's universe and type of magic and I kind of like the baddies. Now, in book 3, I'm catching myself in actually liking the little SOB. Weird.

I upgraded the kindle version of Shawn's The Dark Thorn to the audio version. I now have it in all possible versions, but I don't care, it's a good story that I won't mind listening to again, whenever I'm out of anything new to read/listen to. Which sort of leads me to my big problem

I need ideas for new reads. I'm desperate for some dystopian, steampunk dark awesomness to dive into when the long rainy autumn nights sets in. Help me out, plz?

PS! Just got a call from Runar. 1.  He's landed a new deal. YAY! 2. He got his ass kicked out of the business class area on the ferry, because he didn't see the QUIET sign and was talking on the phone... GROANY SIGH!

Sounds harsh? Guys, you haven't heard the type of phone-talking this hubby of mine does. Quiet is not a word that abides with Runar. Not even on a good day...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wham! Fall is here

I have to blog, or Helene will kill me. Thing is, I don't have that much interesting to say, nor much happy stuff. I'm in a meh-phase and a bit whelmed. 

Rainstorms and everyday routine is a fact. I'm rather relieved to be honest. I'm stressed out, even though the big cousin gathering was postponed to next year. It's nice to get back into the normal grind of work weeks.

I've started working out with a physical therapist once a week. The workout is specialized for people with neck/shoulder/back issues. P.A.I.N. I tell yah, I am so out of shape it's depressing

It's been a weird summer. I've sort of been living in transit and I haven't been able to finish any of the projects I wanted to do. That's not new, exactly, but this summer it sort of got to me and stressed me out. I told Runar early on, like in May, that I really needed to stay up at the farm and get the hall upstairs painted and the rest of the farm house deep cleaned. I told him that I was worn out and needed to stay up there long enough to be able to recharge my batteries. That was a mistake. Subconsciously he immediately started working on making that impossible. I honestly don't think he does this on purpose, I just know that the result is that nothing on my to-do-list gets done, while his to-do-list grows daily and they all take precedence.  Eitherwho,  last weekend he helped me get the hallway upstairs cleared and ready to be painted. The main reason I need to paint, is because of the woodworm. According to my BIL I can get paint with anti-parasite stuff that takes care of the problem.

The car has broken down a few times during summer, but it hasn't really gotten fixed, because it will probably cost too much. We are now back to the good ole' times where I can't really use the car for long trips, because of the risk of ending up stranded along the road somewhere and it will inconvenience everybody. 

Runar bought one of these. It really did the work on the fields. We got rid of the fences around the house and we now have a lawn all the way to the creek, which is nice. It was the money I'd have liked to use on furniture and curtains, but hey, the fields have been tended to more this summer than they have since we took over the farm. Nice!

I hope we get a mild winter. Runar forgot he had promised fire wood to one of the cottage neighbours up there. He gave them 3 pallets of firewood that were meant for our own use.

He started his swimming pool project. It's a huge project. I told him I was against it, because it wouldn't be finished and we'd end up with a messy mudhole for the dogs to get dirty in. "Oh, no!" he said, "It will be finished by next year, the latest." He said.  Results: He has dug up a huge hole in the creek that Marianne loves to take mudbaths in. Yay?

The neighbour farmer has gotten Scottish Highland cattle. They're ridiculously cute.

We've been visited regularly by a sheep and her twin lambs all summer. One week they were in our fields 3 days in a row. 3 days in a row, Marianne sat and watched them, but managed to not chase them or try play with them. Then late afternoon the 3rd day, she couldn't help herself. She approached the trio. Mama sheep do not abide with dogs. Of course. She did her best to gore her (read: chase her away from her kids) Marianne thought it a wonderful new game and danced happily around her barely avoiding getting hit. She didn't show aggression and she didn't bark. The two twin lambs couldn't care less. They've seen Marianne from they were born and probably thinks she is just another weird sheep.

Mama sheep tolerates Marianne at a distance and it seems Marianne has accepted this is how it will be. She hasn't tried to contact them afterwards. The trio still visits our fields regularly. 

Simen has started his apprenticeship with the local electrician firm. He is loving it; the work, the people, the routine. Workhours are 7:30 - 15:30. W00t!

My dad told my sister they were ready to move into a nursing home. My mother's Parkinson is getting worse and my dad's health is deteriorating at an alarming rate. He's too worn out to take care of her. It's hard to deal with and I can't really talk about it.

 Mom's brother died last week and it has sent her on a downward spiral. Uncle was a character, alright. Extremely smart. Spoke several languages. Active in humanitarian work. Active in women's rights. (His wife was so masculine she had actual beard, that's all I really remember of her, that and her deep manly voice, they got divorced when I was a kid) Active in the resistance work during WW2. He was also an alcoholic who beat his wife to a wreck, who at the age of 70 something, raided houses with teenagers and bullied my mother until she was a nervous wreck whenever my father was away. He had 3 kids, one outside his marriage that I didn't know about until 10 years ago. It's complicated. Funeral will be Friday.

PS! I have a new wallpaper for the laptop (Thank you Amber) I love it.

Monday, July 21, 2014

New crochet project

I've started crocheting this wonderfully soft alpaca silk woolen jacket. Just that I'm going to try figure out a way to make it waist long, instead of a bolero short one.

I've started with the lower back part. I think I can just repeat the square pattern bit I've gotten half done with, without increasing and then do the proper increase for shoulder/arms when it's long enough.

I have no idea how to do the two front parts longer, but I'll figure that out when time comes...or, so I hope.

As you can see, I've chosen off white, instead of "wedding" white.

Wish me luck ;-)


In other news:

Summer here is hot and busy.

The Vet gave Marianne thumbs up, all over. *beams*

I made my first successful cheese cake with jell-o top. Yum!

The car's electronic system has heat fatigue. *grumbles* The 4wheel drive got broke earlier this winter. I think this car enters 1st place in dumb car-buys >.<

I got some extra money, unexpectedly, and bought one of these sets for the patio. Runar and Runar(Helene's bf) spent hours putting it all together. Loffs them we does!

Hope you guys are enjoying summer as well!