Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Be sad, 

be rad,
be ravingly mad

but, do stay around

go down,
with a frown,
go wear a crown

but, do stay around

do this,
do that,
do it with splat

but, do stay around

I see you,
I feel you,
I certainly love you

so, do stay around

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dear Cat (not a love letter)

Dear cat-who-shat-the-shit-in-my-garden-that-Marianne-found-and-rolled-in,

you are not welcome here, anymore.

With regards

PS! Marianne sends a teary Q from the hall; WHY?


it's starting to look like a lawn, right?
In other news, I've spent the weekend doing yard work and mowing lawns. I've also driven tractor a lot. A Lamborghini.(I just had to say it) If you look at the photo, you can see the infamous Lamborghini.  Driving it, or using the tools is quite a work out, I tell ya! We got all the equipment for the tractors, etc stored away in a semi-tidy manner, mowed the lawn and fields, and just got things sorted. Then the red tractor (the 1969 Massey Fergerson) died. In the middle of the driveway. At the most unsuitable place. Litterally between a rock and a rock with no room on either sides. I had to use the Lamborghini and push the hoe to the side enough for another vehicle to pass.

Nature-wise, there's a Houdini lamb that's settled in our fields/lawn. Today, After having watched it from the steps and hallway for 2 hours and after it stomped at her when she walked past to go pee. Marianne, couldn't resist and ran it off. I was watching and caught her. She stopped and came back to the door. Funny thing is, she doesn't bark.

The lamb has been escaping enclosures and jumping fences since mid summer, it's not even scared of the dogs. It doesn't really panic and run, it sort of jogs while baahh-ing a muffled mmmhhhumm still chewing. When Marianne stops, it stops. And continues eating.

 I'm fairly ok with it living there as it doesn't eat the flowers, but it shits life is full of shit?

   Oh,  Look, roses happened!

PS! I just became the new owner of an old(2001) Toyota RAV4 2.0 Haven't seen it yet as Runar is driving it home now. It being way late, I'll be asleep before he gets here. I don't know anything about these cars, but I don't care.  Life suddenly became much easier, freer and better. . and I'm off to bed.

PPS! What's going on in your lives, peeps, you've been quiet for too long...or was it me who was hiding? Anywho, what's happening in your neck of the woods?

 Toyota Rav4

Link (don't know for how long it will be up though.
sale ad for the car with lots of pics

Saturday, July 4, 2015


He gots a job

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Project; fixing up at the farm

We've gotten a good start fixing up at the farm. The cellar is DRY! Which means I can actually store things down there.

Runar is going to put in a water tap and I'll get a new hose. Now I have to use the indoor tap and have the hose running through the house, which is a bother, or I can carry buckets of water, which is heavy and a bother. We'll be storing garden stuff and furniture down there. Now we store those things in the barn and they get covered in goo and bird droppings...yuck!

The lawn is semi finished. Runar has put up a natural stone "wall" to enable a flat lawn in front of the house. We'll be planting red currant bushes, etc along it on the lower level and a hedge on top of the stones to shield against wind gusts. Also to enjoy sitting out there without staring the neighbours straight in the eye.

We're planning a masonry natural stone wall up against the barn as well. (to the left of photo, where Marianne is dosing in the shade) We'll have to wait until next year, to let the grass grow properly before driving on it with heavy machinery. Runar is contemplating putting in a natural stone bench - which he saw at some friends' house a few weeks ago. It was gorgeous looking! The reason we need a stone wall there, is to prevent the whole barn from gliding out.

Next weekend we're putting up stones and filling in dirt for a flowerbed from the steps along the house to the driveway. I'm going to see if I can get roses to grow up there. Because of the lower temps up there, not all flowers thrive.

We've finished with painting the upstairs hallway and stairway. The difference is huge and amazing. The 150+ old logs were old and blackened. The whole hallway was dark and scary. As you can see on the photos, they didn't use nails, they notched the logs and they insulated with EVERYTHING, like old newspapers, moss, sawdust, you-name-it. The 100+years old dry moss is hell to paint on. I vacuumed countless times, but we still had a hard time putting on paint on those old logs. The floor was easy in comparison.

 The other thing you'll notice, is that they used whatever planks and logs they had available. This cottage was built by folks who mainly got by without much real money. They bartered and swapped goods for favors, etc. There is a wonderful story about the former owner. I'll tell you another time.

Thomas and I had quite a job using wood impregnation with antiparacitics to get rid of the common furniture beetle that has been eating away on the house up there. It took a couple of weeks to finished the treatment, as we had to do a few parts twice before it helped. But, knock-on-wood I haven't spotted the fine sawdust anywhere afterwards. w00t!
(the photos are from before the second coat of paint)

Healthwise I kept it up until this week. The new meds arcoxia my doc has me trying out works wonders, but I can't take them for more than 4 days max. Neither can I use the ordinary anti-inflammatory meds Vimovo, while using the Arcoxia.  My arms and neck are killing me this week, so we're taking it easy. Right now I'm even having trouble lifting my cup of coffee without grimacing and it's so hard not getting low. Ugh!

Listening to audiobooks and crocheting when I can, watching netflix when I can't. Tomorrow I'll be able to take Vimovo again and hopefully I'll be able to avoid fullblown inflammation and fever happening.

No jobs for Runar, yet. The oil industry is starting to suffer and there is such an increase in unemployed people. With a decrease in available jobs, things are rough.

I'm on the last arm on the jacket I'm crocheting for Helene. It was supposed to be for myself, but I've sort of outgrown it... Here's a photo of the back, just to give you an idea of the pattern. I told you about it earlier. There were no pattern available anywhere for the kind of jacket I wanted, so I used the pattern for a wedding-dress bolero and just "invented" the rest of the pattern on the go

Oh, I proudly present....poppies!!! I dug up a poppie plant last year, from my garden here in Mandal and brought it up to the farm, just to see if it would grow. It did. 3 flowers happened this year. Who knows what'll happen next year

Thursday, May 14, 2015

spring update

Yeah, I'm still alive and kicking and I'm still busy. Time is funny in the way it seems to go by faster the older you get. Not quite true, because if you add boredom into the equation, time stands still. That doesn't really change with age, other than having even more worries to think about when you're bored...

Go away, I'm sleeping. I hate my period, it steals away all the fun in the world

In short

  • Marianne has been in heath
  • I've suffered from rheumatism and psoriassis, but I'm getting better because SPRING
  • Runar is still unemployed, but he's been to a few interviews and things are looking up
  • Got the flat sale money/inheritance and paid debt and credit cards
  • Started drainage work around the farm house and the field. The basement has been filled with water since last summer and Marianne is showing off "her special swimming pool" to visiting fourlegged friends, like she's bragging...
  • I've started knitting again
  • Simen is in the process of moving out. It'll be so weird and empty without any kids around...

This is how it looks like up at the farm these days. I'm working hard to convince myself there will be grass and pretty again...

See the huge rock at the bottom of the picture. We're going to try make it into a stone table. 

I've made this dress, but in a different color (sea-green)

Since I had left over yarn, I made a pair of socks and a hat as well. Probably will be making the mittens too. PS! I found a wonderful site that shows how to make pom poms in a much faster and easier way How to make 2 different pom poms - easy and fast

I've also made myself felted slippers and a hat, but I don't have pictures of them yet as they're on the drying rack

Peace out!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Hello soring(Spring)

(The autocorrect on my cellphone is too funny...not)
I welcome you with all of me!

The flat is sold. Just above what we had suggested, which is all kinds of awesome! Flat was put up for sale Monday and we officially accepted an offer on Thursday. We were prepared for a much longer time so I think we're all happily surprised. 

I'm all alone in the  house for the first time in months and I can't adequately express how much I needed this. It's raining and rather miserably cold outside. With a hint of scorched stink in the air, because someone burnt grass yesterday and just up and left before reassuring themselves the fire was spread...a lot. The neighbors and us had to monitor and put it out in places where the wildfire would have caused serious damage. It started raining during the night and it's still drizzling so all is well, but still. Some peeps are nuts!

Anywho ,  it's definitely spring. The early flowers are blooming. Grass has started growing again and even up here on the farm the bleak colorless winter landscape is changing.  

Yesterday I spent time outside in the sun long enough to gain a couple of freckles. Juhuu!

Sendt fra min Samsung-enhet at farm

Friday, February 20, 2015

I should blog, but...

...I've got nothing to say. I'm whelmed. I lost my funny